Exposed200x300Hostage Rescue Team Series #6

Release Date: September 8, 2015
ISBN: 978-1-928044-11-6
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Format: ebook & print
Length: Novel (84,000 words)


Sometimes the one you were meant to be with…

Marisol Lorenzo landed her dream job as an Assistant U.S. Attorney and is working on the case that could make her career; now she’s determined to put away the most dangerous drug lord in the country. But his incarceration has opened up a lethal turf war among his lieutenants. Their enforcers are out hunting their enemies, and anyone who gets in their way. When one of them sets his sights on Marisol, she turns to a man she grew up with and has wanted for years—a member of the FBI’s elite Hostage Rescue Team. Even though she thinks he’ll break her heart when he leaves town, it’s a risk she’s willing to take.

Has been right in front of you all along.

Special Agent Ethan Cruz is back home in Miami with his team to take down a dangerous fugitive linked to the case Marisol is working on. He’s focused on his job and not looking for a relationship, until she captures his attention so completely that he’s consumed with the need to make her his. Though he knows he should keep his distance, the explosive attraction sizzling between them makes it impossible. He’s always had a soft spot for her but now his feelings are so intense he can’t shut them off. What starts off as desire quickly runs deeper, becoming something more powerful than he’s ever known. And when Marisol winds up in the crosshairs of the most lethal enforcer of all, he’ll put everything on the line to save her.


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EXCERPT from EXPOSED (click here to read it now!)

Oh my God…

Marisol gasped and grabbed hold of his shoulders as desire exploded inside her. His tongue delved into her mouth to stroke along hers, tasting her. She tightened her grip, felt the tension in him when the muscles beneath her fingers bunched.

Heat roared through her, obliterating thought and reason.

She didn’t care about the consequences of her actions, that she’d be hurt when he left town, she wanted him. She didn’t know what had happened on the op but it had to have been bad to shake him so much. She could have lost him last night and she wasn’t going to waste another opportunity to show him what he meant to her.

Ethan shifted his grip on her face, one hand sliding into the back of her hair, holding her still as he plunged his tongue deeper into her mouth. Dominant. Raw male hunger, because he wanted her. Her entire body pulsed with arousal.

Ethan broke the kiss. He trailed the fingers of his free hand down the side of her neck, down to the open V of her blouse, then lower.

Marisol held her breath, her nipples already hard and aching against the cups of her bra. His eyes flashed down to them as his fingers crept lower, gently brushing against the underside of one breast. She sucked in a breath, arched her back, wanting more.

Leaving his hand in place, he lifted his gaze and searched her eyes. She stared right back, lost in those blazing, golden brown depths.

“Do I make you ache, kitt’n?” His thumb dragged gently across one straining nipple.

She made an incoherent sound of pleasure and grabbed his wrist to hold him there. Conflict warred inside her. Her body was screaming for relief but her mind was shouting that she was crazy. If anyone found out what they were doing in here it would ruin her reputation at work.

He leaned in to nibble at the corner of her jaw, right beneath her ear, his lips warm against her wildly fluttering pulse point. “Do I?”

Oh, dammit, she couldn’t think straight with his mouth on her. The lock on her door was solid. Only Frank and her security team were up here, and they likely wouldn’t disturb her, so if she wanted to do this, now was the perfect time.

“Yes,” she whispered, needing him too badly to bother denying it. She could be embarrassed about it all she wanted later. Right now she wanted him and he clearly needed her.

He hummed softly in satisfaction, flicked his tongue across her pulse point before sucking lightly. She squirmed in her seat, his grip on her hair holding her in place. The firm display of command was unbelievably exciting, something she’d fantasized about him for forever.

“Want me to make it better?” he added in a beguiling whisper.

Logic finally pierced through the fog of lust clouding her brain. She tensed a little as his meaning sank in. Sex, here? Her first time, in her office while her boss was just down the hall and federal marshals were on patrol? “I don’t think…”

“Don’t think,” he encouraged. He moved his thumb again, turned his head to capture her tiny gasp with his mouth as he caressed her sensitive nipple. Back and forth, back and forth in a maddening glide that made it hard to breathe. “It’s just you and me here and I need to touch you. Let me touch you.”

*end excerpt*