Seized600x900Hostage Rescue Team Series #7

Release Date: November 30, 2015
ISBN: 978-1-928044-12-3
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Format: ebook & print
Length: Novel (80,000 words)


She’s strictly off limits.

Carmela Cruz has wanted the same man for over a year, and now that he’s finally free, he’s fair game. But just when it seems like everything is about to click into place for them, he puts on the brakes. For her, the decision is simple. He either wants her or he doesn’t. She’s sick of his mixed messages and done with waiting for him to make up his mind. An unexpected, all-expenses-paid luxury cruise to get over her broken heart sounds like just what she needs—until her vacation turns deadly.

But some rules were made to be broken…

HRT member Sawyer Vance wants Carmela more than anything. There’s only one problem—she’s his best friend’s sister, and that makes her officially off limits. He’s already learned the hard way the disastrous consequences that come from breaking that rule. But when she’s caught up in the biggest terrorist attack to hit the West Coast and her life is in imminent danger, the truth hits home hard. He realizes too late that nothing should have kept him away from her. When the terrorists begin killing hostages, Sawyer and his team must take the ship back at all costs. Now they’re in a fight for their lives against an enemy willing to die for its cause, and time is running out to save the surviving passengers.

Including Carmela…if she’s still alive.


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EXCERPT from SEIZED (click here to read it now!)

Carmela straightened her shoulders. When it came to sales, she was an expert. She was a senior orthopedic specialist and her company’s best surgical sales rep on the East Coast for a reason. She knew just how to pitch a product to get the sale.
In this case, the product was her. And she wanted Sawyer enough to push her fears aside and give him the best sales pitch of her life.
“I’ve wanted you for two years now,” she told him bluntly. To hell with hiding her feelings. If she wanted him then she had to be bold, blow his reluctance all to hell. “Did you know that?”
Surprise and heat flared in his eyes, quickly followed by dread. He shook his head slowly, his gaze locked with hers.
“I’m not good with hiding how I feel, as you may have noticed, and so I can’t pretend I’m okay with just being friends tonight.” Then she upped the stakes. “And there’s a particular fantasy of you I can’t stop thinking about.”
His throat bobbed as he swallowed and when he answered his voice sounded strangled. “Carm…”
“No.” She was absolutely not giving him room to argue. Not when she sensed she was getting closer to having what she wanted. “We’re both adults and we both want each other. You’re not ready for a relationship and I get that. But I can’t stand here and pretend I don’t want you. It’s not how I’m built. I’d rather have this than nothing.”
“We can’t,” he said, his voice a low rasp, the tension in his posture telling her he was more than tempted and didn’t want to be. “We can’t do this.” His free hand balled into a fist.
Oh yeah, he wanted her. Wanted her bad, no matter what he said. She tossed her hair back, gaining confidence. “Actually, we can.”
He shook his head again, denial and hunger warring on his handsome face. “It’s too dangerous.”
“Not if we both know and agree to the rules beforehand.”
Stubborn, beautiful man. “I’m a big girl. I can handle this.”
“Well I can’t. Jesus,” he breathed and shook his head again.
“Sawyer, look at me.”
A muscle bunched in his jaw and he reluctantly shifted his gaze back to her face.
“I need you.”
Now he looked tortured. He swallowed hard. “That’s dirty, Carm.”