Hostage Rescue Team Series #11
Release Date: November 16, 2017
ISBN: 978-1-928044-24-6
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Format: ebook & print
Length: Novella (40,000 words)


Servare Vitas.

To save lives. For the men of the FBI’s elite Hostage Rescue Team, it’s not just a motto; it’s a creed they live by. Nobody knows that better than Special Agent Nate “Doc” Schroder, the team medic. As a former Pararescueman, Nate is accustomed to going into harm’s way to save people—including his wife, Taya—no matter the risk to his own life. But when a catastrophic event turns the tables on the team, suddenly he’s the one whose life needs saving.

However, survival is merely the start of Nate’s battle, because it’s going to take a lot more than medical expertise to pull him through the dark days ahead. While his teammates rally around him, Taya fights to drag the man she loves back into the land of the living. With her at his side and his team at his back, Nate must find new reason to dig deep as he struggles to become whole again.


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EXCERPT from SHATTERED (click here to read it now!)

“Holy shit,” Nate blurted under his breath, scrambling to tighten his lap belt. There were no windows back here. He couldn’t tell where they were, how far up they were. Or whether the pilots had managed to wrestle the plane around to get back to the runway in time.

All of a sudden the loadmaster appeared at the front of the cargo bay, his face grim. “Brace, brace!” he yelled, strapping himself into his own seat.

For a second Nate stared at him in disbelief. Jesus Christ, they were gonna crash?

His heart pummeled the inside of his ribs as he doubled over, put his head between his knees and clamped his hands behind the back of his neck. There was no time to panic, or pray.

He thought of Taya and their unborn child. His mind latched onto an image of her smiling up at him on their wedding day. The sun glinted off the tangle of dark curls pinned up on the crown of her head, the spray of flowers tucked there glowing in the late afternoon light. Her gray eyes were luminous as she gazed up at him, and so full of love and trust that for a moment it was hard to breathe.

His stomach lurched as the plane suddenly tipped sideways, dropping faster.

Please God, I don’t want to die.

They hit the ground hard with a bone-jolting, sickening metallic crunch.

Nate’s chin slammed into his right knee. Blood filled his mouth. The plane bounced upward for a second, enough time for a spurt of hope to burn through the shock.

Please, please…

But it was smothered when they smashed into the ground again a heartbeat later. His breath hitched as the aircraft flipped to the left and continued to skid on its side, the terrible scream of tearing metal shrieking in his ears as the wing behind him was ground away.