DEA FAST Series #1
Release Date: January 24, 2017
ISBN: 978-1-928044-20-8
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Format: ebook & print
Length: novel (65,000 words)


She’s putting herself in harm’s way to make a difference.

Having grown up in a household of elite, overprotective male Marines, Charlie Colebrook is savoring her hard won independence and avoiding a serious relationship that could tie her down. As a computer forensics expert for the DEA she might be a civilian rather than an agent, but she’s far from helpless, and she’s hungry to prove herself. So when her boss asks her to take on a dangerous undercover assignment that could expose the key money launderer for the biggest, and most lethal drug cartel in the Western hemisphere, Charlie seizes her chance. There’s just one catch: the man assigned as her partner is the only man she wants…and he won’t settle for less than everything she has to give.

Now he’s the only one who stands between her and a ruthless cartel.

DEA Special Agent Jamie Rodriguez has tried like hell to ignore the explosive chemistry he has with Charlie. Not simply because she’s his best friend’s sister—but because with her, he wants all or nothing. As a member of the agency’s elite FAST Bravo unit, he’s got the skill and experience to keep her safe. Now that he’s assigned to protect her on this op, he’ll do it at all costs, even if she tempts him as no other woman ever has. But the final op tests them both to the breaking point, and when things go to hell, it will take everything they’ve got to survive the deadly trap set for them.


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EXCERPT from FALLING FAST (click here to read it now!)

Jamie walked into the elevator with her, stuffed his hands into his pockets where he could curl them into fists without giving himself away. In the silence, Charlie glanced over at him with a questioning look but didn’t say anything, then went back to staring at the closed doors in front of them.

That dress was killing him. Not being able to stop this was killing him. Not being able to touch her was killing him.

Cables groaned and shuddered as the elevator reached their floor. Jamie clenched his jaw, unable to stop his mind from spinning. He’d never struggled like this on a job before.

But none of the jobs had ever involved a woman he’d fallen in love with.

Thinking of what could happen tomorrow night at the party was slowly ripping him apart inside. How the hell was he going to protect her if he couldn’t be in the office with her?

He had to find a way. He’d promised her and Easton. Could never live with himself if Baker assaulted her.

He studied Charlie’s profile, aching inside. She was so strong and loyal and proud. Imagining Baker wounding or breaking her spirit tomorrow night made him want to smash his fist into the elevator wall.

The elevator doors opened. It smelled like someone on their floor was cooking something Italian. Their footsteps were silent on the hallway carpet as Charlie walked ahead of him. Her door loomed up ahead in the middle of the hallway. In just another few seconds she’d unlock it and disappear inside her apartment.

His pulse thudded hard in his ears, seeming to grow louder with every step. He didn’t want to let her go. Needed to touch her, kiss her, stake some kind of claim on her once and for all so that even if Baker did put his filthy hands on her tomorrow, maybe the memory of Jamie’s touch would erase it. Or at least make it easier for her to bear somehow.

She put her key into her lock, paused to glance at him. “Have I done something wrong?”

“No,” he bit out. She’d been perfect so far.

Her expression hardened at his tone and she turned away. “Okay. Goodnight.”

When she stepped inside and started to shut the door, something inside him snapped.

He slapped a palm against the door to stop it from closing in his face. Her eyes jerked up to his, widened as she stared at him through the gap.

Before the logical part of his brain could take over he barged in and locked the door behind him. Charlie backed away a few feet and stopped, facing him warily, her posture and expression tense. “What?” she demanded.

Jamie clenched his jaw. “I didn’t like the way he looked at you.”

She stared at him with those big brown eyes and he felt himself falling, being sucked into them. Into her.

“I didn’t like the way he talked to you.” He took a step toward her, aware he was on the verge of doing something stupid and not giving a damn. Shit, his breathing was erratic, his heart clattering against his ribs. “I didn’t like the way he touched you.”

Charlie held her ground, unmoving, her eyes searching his, full of stunned disbelief. “Jamie, what…?”

Did she really not understand what she meant to him? His heart hammered against his ribs. “And I don’t want you to be alone with him for even one second tomorrow night.”